Catalog Living

Oct 09

An important message from Gary & Elaine…

Hello Catalog Living fans! 

Just wanted to let you all know that we are on hiatus for a bit; Molly welcomed a baby girl into the world two weeks ago and is taking some time away from the world of starfish, fruit bowls, and gourds. Speaking of which, this break is a perfect opportunity for all of us to make sure our seasonal gourd display is up to date now that fall is here.

We will see you soon!

Sep 10

Who’s hoo…


Oscar wanted Lou to know that even though he’d been promoted from ladle perch to condiments he was still the same old owl he always was, but Lou refused to even look in his direction.


Sep 09

Today's Magazine Living post on Curbed...

Sep 04

Today's Magazine Living post on Curbed...

Aug 28

Bearing it all…


Roy the Bear wasn’t too pleased with the creepy looks his new neighbor was sending his way, but with everyone else on his floor already paired up he knew beggars couldn’t exactly be choosers.